Lee Byung Hun celebrated for receiving the Baeksang Arts awards with staff of management company before going for a leg surgery

Translate by me from original article at chinese.join.com

After receiving his Daesang award for the Film section at the 47th Baeksang Art Awards held at Peace Hall, Kyung Hee University on 26 May, Lee Byung Hun said “I had intended to go to the hospital today and have a surgery done tomorrow morning.  However, to celebrate on receiving this award,  I  have decided to postpone the admission time so that I can have a simple beer party with the staff of my management company.”

This surgery is to remove a metal plate implanted into his ankle in year 2007.  Lee Byung Hun at that time was preparing to shoot “The Good, the Bad & The Weird” when he fractured his leg accidentally and had to implant the metal plate.

Although the injury was not very serious, he had to constantly worry about his wound as he has to perform highly action packed moves in his filming. As he is somehow feeling some  inconvenience now as the metal plate is getting loose, he has decided to go for the surgery to remove it as he will be flying off to the Hollywood in middle of June to film “G.I Joe 2”. And as far as possible he would like to be in his perfect physical condition to perform all his action-packed acting skills.

Lee Byung Hun had originally planned to be admitted to the hospital for treatment after attending the Baeksang Art Awards ceremony.  He did not expect to win the award since Won Bin from “Ajushhi’ and Ha Jung Woo from “The Yellow Sea” were strong competitors. However, the Daesang award (film section)ultimately landed into his arms.

Coincidently, Han Hyo Joo from the same management company has also been awarded the best actress (drama section) for her performance in “Dongyi”.

To celebrate this double happiness, the “Older brother”, Lee Byung Hun personally called for a celebration party with the staff of the management company.  Lee Byung Hun together with Han Hyo Joo and staff of BH Entertainment had a simple beer party in a hotel at Gangnam-gu.  Lee Byung Hun has specially delayed his admissions to the hospital for a few hours for this party and finally headed for the hospital at around 1 am. The surgery, according to plan will be performed in the morning of 27 May.


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