LBH @ 47th Baeksang Art Awards

Finally cut the 3 clips of BH @ last week’s Baeksang …. Strangely that I can’t combine all 3 into 1 …. Anyway, here are the clips with Chinese sub.

BH as Presenter for Best Acchtor and Actress for TV section

^ at the intro of their speech, BH told KNJ that they only get to see each other in award presentations and KNJ agreed and added to say that he is getting more handsome each time 🙂

BH accepting his Daesang for Movie section + HB giving his thank you speech as he was also presented with the Daesang for Tv section 🙂

^ The first thing that BH started saying was he has just walked to his seat after being a presenter and was immediately called back to stage again 😀

He continued to say that he would like to thank everyone for giving the award to him who is not very tall and later told the audience that he meant it as a joke…….

He then said that it seems like he should talk about who are the people that he first thought but he said he was a bit lost for words for his thank you speech. He said Choi Min Sek his senior was the first person and CMS has shown him what kind of energy an actor can have. Next was Dir KJW who is his friend as well as his enemy at times, provided him with guidance generously.  Finally he would also like to thank the crew members and actors of ISTD.

He also told the audience that he will be flying off to U.S very soon and would like to show the people there someday that Asian actors are not only good at kicking their legs 🙂


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