BH worked as a volunteer in Mali

Apple daily had a little writeup on BH’s trip to Mali on the web today …..


韓國男星李秉憲上月 2日飛往非洲馬利九日,參與 KBS電視台節目《希望路大長征》的拍攝工作,探訪當地受飢餓、疾病和貧窮困擾的居民。憲哥連日來將行程排得密麻麻,即使天未光就要起床出發,日日汗流浹背都沒有怨言。憲哥表示今次是首度出國做義工,他說:「因為取消了在日本舉行影迷會,所以我想做有意義的事。」並稱很開心可以幫助到小朋友接受手術重見光明。

My simple transalation 🙂

Korean star Lee Byung Hun flew to Africa, Mali for nine days on the second day of last month (2 May) for the shooting of KBS programme “Journey of Hope”, visiting locals who are the victims of hunger, sickness and poverty. Lee Byung Hun had his schedule packed so tight that he had to wake up before sunrise and did not complain a word even he was sweating himself out everyday.  Lee Byung Hun said that this is the first time that he worked as a voulunteer overseas and that he felt that he should do something meaningful since the Fan-meeting in Japan was cancelled then. He also added to say that he was happy to be able to help the children gained their eye-sight through surgery.




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