Lee Byung Hun took over Rain as the new spokesman for XTM, a 100% impromptu shooting for the new commercial film

source: Koreanstardaily

Briefly translated by me :D.

30 May 2011

 The only Lifestyle channel in Korea, XTM’s latest advertisement has adopted an impromptu method of acting as there were no scripts to follow. Lee Byung Hun’s latest commercial film is based on the channel’s slogan and it has used the colors black and white to bring out what XTM wished to send across to the audience, the image of a tiptop man, a Extra-Ordinary Man.

As such, Lee Byung Hun has moved out of his usual performing framework and with his unique sense, interpreted the different expressions. For example in one of the black and white scene, with the use of the sofa and other props, he portrayed the charm of a cold urban city man. Lee Byung Hun has also danced and showed off some professional boxing techniques in the CF, amazing all the staff and they all praised him by saying “That’s Lee Byung Hun”.

Lee Byung Hun said: “It is not easy to express the feeling of a tiptop man which XTM has wanted by just relying completely on impromptu performance. Nevertheless this is a new challenge for me and I was feeling very happy during the filming and did not even realized as the time passed by”. Related staff from XTM has also said “Lee Byung Hun is not only an actor whom all Korean man wished to resemble in appearance but also someone whom everyone acknowledges. This two points are in line with what we wanted to bring out as the charm of a man. We have factored in a lot of consideration during our planning, in the end we thought that the best method would be letting Lee Byung Hun perform without any modification. And being a top star, he has perfectly demonstrated what we have requested”.

XTM has used singer cum actor, Rain as their spokesman in year 2006 which at that time was the hot topic for everyone. This time round by inviting top star Lee Byung Hun, XTM has once again proven to be Korean’s strongest fashion channel. Lee Byung Hun’s XTM new commercial film will be broadcast via the channel on 27 May at 12 midnight.


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