Dream come true

It is really a treat to see Byunghun after 9mths … Never did it strike my mind that he will be back so soon. As mentioned, he arrived on Friday afternoon  with Sean Richard, CP,  his stylist and with Mr Song WM arrived joining them later.  As usual, he had his big smile on when he once he saw us all waiting and shorting for him at the arrival …. Although there were not as many fans as his last visit but we have HK and Japan fans joining us to welcome him.  This time we were not able to get too close to him as there were barriers to “separate” us n him 😀 …. so this time round, I did not manage to walk beside him .. But we managed to get a closer look at him when he check in to the hotel….. and really, he is sooooooooo good looking even under that big sun glasses….

I catched him again last nite at red-carpet and boy, he looked really good and he was right in front of me when he signed the photograph for the lucky one beside me…. as for me, i was just one step away from getting him signed mine when CP told him to move on ….. sigh ……

All the happenings these 2 days were really fast, all within spilt seconds and he is gone ….. and frankly, i can only remember very faint images of him in my brain 😀 … Of course same as the last round, this poor gal here did not manage to take any photographs of him … no time if u really want to take a good look at him 😀 .  Anyway, here are some photos of him these 2 days

Arrival on 10062011
Discovery Channel event with Sean Richard on 10062011
Screen Singapore Red Carpet 12062011

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