LBH is not worried that he will be replaced

A news article from “My Paper”.  Some gist below:

When asked if he is worried about being replaced by the younger ones who are all coming fierce? He said he is not worried at all as aging is a normal process and he will take it in his stride.  He also said that at his matured age, he has chances of getting more roles as the younger generation may not be able to cope with.  He added to say “No matter what you are doing, you must be happy and if you are not happy, then it’s better to retire early” 😀

When asked as a super star, how does he de-stress himself?  He told the report “I know how to enjoy my life … I like to drink wine, make coffee, watch a movie or invite friends over for a party or go to the gym ….Didn’t I told you that you need to be happy and a lot of problems will be solved …. “


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