I have never acted with LBH sunbae

Briefly translated from innolife.com, this is the translation of the premiere press con for “Share the Vision”

Note: BSB = Bae Soo Bin, LSK = Lee Soo Kyung

BSB “I have never acted with Lee Byung Hun sunbae”

9 August, 4D Musical Movie “Share the Vision” premiere at Yongsan CGV, Seoul.

BSB said he has never acted with Lee Byung Hun before. During the shooting, BSB was always “glued” to Lee Byung Hun and a humorous joke which Lee Byung Hun told BSB has brought laughter to the shooting set. Unfortunately, being the main cast of the movie, Lee Byung Hun was unable to attend the long waited premiere due to his shooting schedule. Let’s watch the video from the premiere press conference.

(Click on this link to watch)

Q. How did this opportunity came about?

LSK: I have worked with the director previously in other projects. When the director was planning to shoot this, he told me that if possible, I should give it a try as it will be a good experience. Nobody has tried 4D in Korea before and I was very glad to be given the opportunity and therefore agreed to take up the project quickly.

BSB: I really wanted to shoot a movie with Lee Byung Hun sunbae, working together. Hence, the only thought initially was to stand in front of a 3D camera.

Q.Between BSB and LBH, who’s better in terms of co-ordination?

LSK: I was always shooting with BSB sunbae and LBH sunbae together.  Both of them are really handsome.  However, they seemed to be closer to each other and I was being left alone. They were always talking to each other and I felt that I was of some distance from them.

Q. Were they dating each other on-site?

LSK: It’s not that, however they were close like brothers and that made me so envious.

BSB: I think I was really “sticking” closely to Byung Hun sunbae… just joking. There was a scene where I was wearing a suit, running and shouting at the same time “ My Brother!”.  Lee Byung Hun sanbae then said: “We are like Gays, loving each other”.

 Q. What are your views after watching the movie?

LSK: You can smell while watching the 4D, the chairs were also moving and it was really fun.. Today is the first time I am watching a 4D. I hope to have the opportunity to try again next time.

BSB: The chairs were moving along with the scenes and there were smells too, putting together different types of effects. I think Korean movies in the future would be changing to this combination of multi-elements movie. I think it was a happy experience and it was fun.

Q. Any word from Lee Byung Hun?

BSB: I understand he is shooting a movie in the U.S. now.  He wants us to put in all our efforts to give our best. I believe sunbae has already seen the movie before leaving for the U.S.

Q. Any word for the audience?

LSK: I hope that there will be more 3D, 4D developments for Korean movies and drama.  I also hope that everyone will look forward to it enthusiastically.

BSB: Everyone please support us. Thank you everyone!


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