Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards: President’s Award – LBH

Video from Sina with Chinese Subtitles

Here’s the translation of his speech from the Chinese subtitles

MC: The President’s Award – Actor, Lee Byung Hun … Congratulations.

MC: LBH entered the industry in 1991 via KBS and caught the World’s attention through the movie “Bittersweet Life” at the Cannes Film Festival.

LBH: Thank you very much.  I have been in the U.S. for 4 months shooting a movie and I have come here straight from the airport. As such, the feeling is still unreal and I am still thinking why am I here for?  I am really happy and honored to be given this recognition.  Foreigners who are in this industry will know one or two Korean movies and Directors, these have amazed me.  When I was young, I could not help looking forward to the countries from the movies which I have found interesting or touching.  And now that we know foreigners are looking forward to our country after watching our movies, the feeling is amazing and I am feeling very proud.  I have been trying my best to perform as an actor and to be awarded this recognition, I feel very fortune to have come across a good time.  I will in the future, strive to do my best by contributing my little part as an actor in great movies.  Thank you.


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