BH’s opening speech for MAMA 2011

His long opening speech ….. Thumbs-up for my Hunnie ;)

MC: …. here’s to kick things off, please welcome International man of action – Byung-hun Lee.

BH: Ladies and Gentleman, hello … I am Byung-hun Lee. It is my deepest and greatest honour to … (be with – my guess :D) this and take part in this grand opening of Asia’s best music award, the two thousand eleven MAMA.

This year is all the more meaningful because MAMA is taking place in a beautiful and multi-culture city in Singapore, the Lion city.
At this very moment, we are all waiting for the 2011 MAMA to begin. What brings us all together I would say is Music. Music rises above all differences and race and language and has the power to make people come together. This is the brilliant yet general power of music and also the reason of main theme of 2011 MAMA here is Music Makes One.

We have a full four hours of journey ahead of us fill with all genre of music, KPop, Classic, HipHop, Pop and the best performances with top artists where music makes us all one. Let the 2011 MAMA begin.

Watch here: http://global.mnet.c….clip_id=142142


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