Lee Byung Hun On Stage 2011 Magazine

This is a magazine on his recent fan meet, it is now available via Amazon Japan if you wish to get one ….

source: http://community.pia…0120116-01.html

Briefly the gist of the text from the original article:

It was the first large-scale fan event since 2009 that actor, Lee Byung Hun had for the event “Lee Byung Hun on Stage 2011” which started from Yokohama Arena on 20th and 21st December last year.

Unfolded in the heat of the fans, the stage performances had various performances such as singing, dancing and playing of the musical instruments which is only capable by the unique and talented, Lee Byung Hun.

With the same performance on 24 December at Fukuoka International Convention Centre and 27 December at Osaka J-Hall, it was a journey filled with colorful charms presented to the Japanese fans, a total of 40,000 people.

“PIA Live Recording Photo Magazine on Lee Byung Hun on Stage 2011” is a perfect document with many beautiful photographs, an interview of “Diamond Dogs” who were the supporting cast for Lee Byung Hun and comments from fans who have attended the event…….


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