How to Get Lee Byung Hun’s Body

source: CJ E&M enewsWorld  Kim, JiYeon

2012-01-22 12:36  

Actor Lee Byung Hun, who is currently taking on Hollywood, will reveal how he built his upper body strength.

And, men, we hope you’ll be taking notes.

Lee is set to appear on the January 22 broadcast of MBC’s Section TV Entertainment Relay to talk about his upcoming film G.I. Joe 2

The show followed the actor to New Orleans, where the film is currently being shot, and in the teaser clip, Lee revealed how much effort he put into achieving his sculpted body, saying, “All I did was exercise regularly for three months.”

Martial artist Jeong Du Hong, who was cast as Lee’s stunt double for the dangerous action scenes, said, “I’m following a special exercise regimen to build a body that is similar to Lee Byung Hun’s.” He also revealed, “Lee Byung Hun even vomited once during weight training.”

Lee appears to be trying his best, even pushing his limits, to achieve the best body he can for the film.

The show will take viewers on to the NASA-owned set of G.I. Joe 2 as well as delve into the shifting sentiment in the U.S. concerning Korean actors in Hollywood.

Photo credit: MBC


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