King of Chosun

Well, we got to know shooting started on 12 Feb and here’s the news from mydaily translated to chinese by (Briefly translate to English by me :))

Highly anticipate new movie “King of Chosun” from Korean Star Lee Byung Hun




Korean movie “King of Chosun” started filming official on 12 Feb at Gyeongg-do and main actor, Lee Byung Hun participated in the filming.   The movie will finished filming in May this year and would be released in the second half of the year.


It was said that the filming on 12 Feb was just to test the equipments on site and operations crews within departments.  Among the actors, only Lee Byung Hun took part in the shooting while Han Hyo Joo and the rest will join the team on 13 Feb.  “King of Chosun” directed by Director Choo Chang Min (Late Blossom),  is about how a Commoner who substituted the Chosun King was caught in a series of palace conspiracy.  Lee Byung Hun will play both the King and the Commoner.


Lee Byung Hun has never acted in any historic production since he joined the industry and hence his first historic appearance in “King of Chosan” has gotten the attention of most fans and the Korean film industry.  The shooting of the movie will end around May and  will be released  in the second half of the year.


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