Storm is here

Here’s a new still of our Storm Shadow from G. I. Joe II 🙂

Thanks to 

Something from the chinese media on his interview with CINE21 published yesterday 🙂


李秉宪最近在和电影杂志《CINE21》采访中说到:“在拍摄将于今年夏天上映的电影《J.I.Joe 2》时,与拍第一部影片比较来看,感受到身份上升了很多。”


李秉宪还说“拍摄现场有两个大的拖车,其中一个是Dwayne Johnson的,另外一个是我的。”


source: Kpopstarz


One thought on “Storm is here

  1. cestlavieladypatience

    I wish I could read Chinese. Oh well. I enjoy his acting and singing as well. What’s your favorite movie of his?

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