Which Top Stars Passed Up Lee Seung Gi’s ‘The King 2Hearts’ Role?

Well, I posted previously that Hunnie was offered the role for the drama “The King 2Hearts” and here’s something related …..

Am pretty sure that Ja Ha (Lee Seung Gi’s character’s name in the drama) will definitely be difference if BH took up the role…..


2012-04-18 15:55  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Nancy Lee

Lee Seung Gi may be sitting comfortably on his throne as the crown prince Lee Jae Ha in MBC drama The King 2Hearts, but it appears he wasn’t who the producers originally had in mind for the role.

Cable channel tvN’s enews revealed on its April 17 broadcast the two top stars who passed on Lee Seung Gi’s role.

According to the entertainment news program, the producers had their hearts set on actor Lee Byung Hun for the role since the drama’s development stages. However, Lee Byung Hun, who was stateside at the time to film Hollywood action movie G.I. Joe 2, rejected the offer.

The role was then passed along to actor Won Bin, who impressed audiences with his performance in film The Man From Nowhere.

The producers had high hopes for Won Bin, who previously expressed his interest in wanting to work with The King 2Hearts director Lee Jae Kyu. However, Won Bin, who wanted his possible return to the small screen to be kept a secret until he confirmed his appearance in the drama himself, backed out when reports speculating that he had been cast in the drama surfaced.

Lee Seung Gi may be The King 2Hearts’ Prince Charming, but we wonder what the drama would have been like with Lee Byung Hun or Won Bin calling all of the shots.



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