Lee Byung Hun Feels Pressured by All the Attention

Source: Nate l CJ E&M enewsWorld Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Lee Byung Hun, star of G.I.Joe 2, confessed that he felt pressured by all the interest Korea has given him.

The actor made the confession at the press day event for G.I.Joe 2 held on April 25 in Seoul.

As the event featured the now ‘Hollywood actor’ Lee Byung Hun, many fans from inside and outside the country were present along with a crowd of press members. More attention was given him as it had been announced that he would be one of the first Asian actors to cast his hand print on the Walk of Fame.

“I’m so honored to be a part of an event that I never dreamed of attending before,” he said on the event. “It’s really a big honor. I think it’ll be a happy event.”

The Walk of Fame first came into being in 1927, and since has gathered the hand prints of about 268 actors, directors and producers, including Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Clint Eastwood and Brad Pitt.

The only Asian to have his hands and feet printed on the Walk of Fame is the Hong Kong director John Woo. 85 years after his marks were printed on the Walk, Lee Byung Hun and Ahn Sung Ki will be leaving their own as the first Asian actors, not entertainer or celebrity of Asian descent, to do so.

When MC Ryu Si Hyun mentioned that the main poster concentrates on him more than Bruce Willis or Dwayne Jones, Lee Byung Hun answered, “I think it’s because it’s the Korean poster. I’m pressured because it feels like I’m being made to be greater than my role.”

When MC Ryu explained that he is featured as a main actor on the main page of G.I.Joe 2’s official website, he continued modestly, “I don’t understand what happened there, too.”

Lastly, he finished, “I was able to work more comfortably because I had been through [something similar] before. Still, it did feel unfamiliar because I was working with new staff members. It’s up to the actor to overcome that.”


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