Press Day Video Clip

Here’s the clip’s with Chinese Sub

BH: Hi everyone, I am Lee Byung Hun .. I’m glad to see you all here

Q: It’s seems like Bruce Willie has high comments about you?

BH: I believe what he said was for promotion of the movie. Americans are never stingy about complimenting others. They like to praise others more than the people in our country.  So, I think it was out of courtesy that he praised me and a small part is for promoting the movie.  Nevertheless, I feel very honoured to be name by such an excellent actor and naturally I am very happy to be praised.  However, I know I am still far away from what he has said about how excellent I am. No matter how hard I work, I will never be able to his performance at.  I feel very honoured and happy to be named by such a veteran actor and hope to be able to product more excellent works.

Q: “Not sure what the MC asked” but I guess it’s something to do with how BH would like to promote his movie?”

BH: I am not sure why each time when I promote my movie, I am not able to describe how good is the movie.  If the audience felt that the movie is not good, then I would have been a liar.   Although I would like everyone to help in promoting this movie but I am embarrassed to say how good is my movie.  I can only say that I feel that this movie is better than the first one … and I think that’s about all ….

Hi everyone, I am Lee Byung Hun.  I am glad that you are all here although it is raining heavily.

Although I have not seen the movie after the editing,  I felt that this will be a good movie when I was shooting it.

Actually, I still feel that it is not real until I had my hands printed. I still can’t believe it and it has never been in my dreams.  As such, I dare not believe it and if it is real, I feel very honoured.  And it is a very happy matter…

The rest is the same with the first clip on why he don’t know how to promote to others how good are his movies:D


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