Lee Byung Hun Pulls through Busy Schedules Despite Back Injury

By Oh, MiJung | CJ E&M enewsWorld 

Lee Byung Hun is pulling through his movie shoots and film promotions despite his bad back.

Lee Byung Hun is currently filming the ‘faction’ period piece King of Joseon, a film which will be about the secrets of Gwanghaegun, but he recently had to fly to America in the midst of his busy schedule.

A source close to Lee Byung Hun said, “He had a schedule that made it physically difficult to go to America, but it seems he strained himself after visiting the country. He received treatment after suffering a back injury.”

He believed the injury was light, but the pain worsened, leading him to receive special treatment at the hospital including an injection in his spine.

Despite the pain in his back, Lee Byung Hun started filming for King of Joseon as soon as he returned to Korea. He also participated in the press day schedule for G.I.Joe 2, straining his body even more.

As soon as he finishes filming for King of Joseon in early June, Lee Byung Hun will be flying to America again to promote G.I.Joe 2. Near the middle of the month he will be in Korea again to participate in the official press roundtable for G.I.Joe 2 on June 14 and the world premiere event on the next day.

Lee Byung Hun also recently secured a role in the Hollywood film Red 2, which will star Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Catherine Zeta Jones. As soon as schedules are confirmed, he will be joining the cast to film.

The Lee Byung Hun source said, “Lee Byung Hun has a full schedule until next year. He’s working hard thank to his fans’ support. We’re very thankful.”

In G.I.Joe 2, which will premiere next month, Lee Byung Hun will be meeting his fans through the role of Storm Shadow, the same role he acted in for the prequel. Storm Shadow will have more screen time compared to how he appeared in the prequel, making fans even happier.

The G.I.Joe series is based on the comic series by Marvel Comics. The second film is about the fight between the strongest combat unit G.I.Joe and the evil Zartan. Bruce Willis and The Rock will also be starring in the film alongside Lee Byung Hun.

The prequel was directed by Steven Sommers, but the second installment was given to the Chinese American director Jon Chu. The film will premiere on June 21.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

Reporter : Oh, MiJung (omj0206@cj.net


Hmm…. pls take care and hope that you will have a speedy  recovery, Hunnie 🙂


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