Lee Byung Hun and Ahn Sung Ki Leave Their Prints in Hollywood

2012-06-25 10:26  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld

Lee Byung Hun and Ahn Sung Ki have been immortalized in the legendary street in front of Hollywood’s Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

On June 23 (local time), the two Korean actors took part in a hand and foot printing ceremony to join the likes of some 200 other famous stars of the past and present.

Lee Byung Hun and Ahn Sung Ki have now become the first Asian actors (not including Asian American actors) to have their hand and foot prints on the legendary avenue.

In addition, Lee Byung Hun’s writing of ‘Korea’s Actor Lee Byung Hun’, ignited proud patriotic sentiments for Koreans everywhere.

Regarding the feat, Lee Byung Hun said, “I still can’t believe I left behind my hand prints. More than the 20 years I’ve been an actor, I will work even harder in the next 20 years.”

Ahn Sung Ki shared, “In my 55-year acting career, this has been the most honor-filled day. I will work harder for this honor to continue on as an actor.”

Photo credit: BH Entertainment


^ p.s. I know your are always proud to be a Korean Actor ^ 🙂


3 thoughts on “Lee Byung Hun and Ahn Sung Ki Leave Their Prints in Hollywood

  1. Tugce

    Firstly, Thank you for sharing this pictures. I’m learning news about Lee in your site. Thanks again. 🙂
    Secondly, I’m wondering about something. Everytime when I was looking in his photos I saw his bracelet. This bracelet was made from bead. What is this bracelet mean? Is it special? I saw every photo. If you know that can you tell me? I’m just curious. 🙂
    Anyway, really really thanks again. (Oh by the way, my English isn’t verry good. Sorry about that.)

    1. Hi Tugce
      Welcome to my blog 🙂 No worries about your English, it prefectly alright. Btw, where are you from?

      With regard to the bracelet that BH is wearing, I believe it is something related to his religion,if you are aware, BH is a Buddhist 🙂

      Take care and see you around 🙂

      1. Tugce

        Thanks for the reply and information. I never thought that but this is definitely possible to be related about religion.

        Oh, meanwhile, I’m from Turkey. I’m following along with the email for a long time. (well, since I’ve watched ‘Once in a summer’ in 2010)
        I follow your blog because your site is orderly more than others. 🙂

        Again thanks for this lovely blog.

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