Happy Time in Seoul

Well, I was in Seoul last week for the first time in my life ….. Had great food and lots of shopping in Myeongdong area but what was most wonderful was I got to attend his birthday party organised by Rubeurs on 8 July :).

Not knowing if he will be attending the party, I took the chance and told myself that he should be there since he is not on any project now and will be heading to U.S. again later for RED2 shooting.  If he don’t turn up, it will be just a R&R trip for me …..

The party was held in the grand ballroom of the hotel just next to his office ….. Everyone was excited about the party and gathered hours before the start of the party for registration etc … I was lucky that my queue was short and managed to reserved a table very near to the stage 🙂

Anyway, we all waited and waited and waited and he finally appeared ……. So good-looking and with his big smile, all inside the ballroom were melted :D.

Can’t give you all more details of the party but was very very glad that he stayed for quite a long time, longer than any other time that the others have attended previously.  Friends told me that I was very lucky as it was my first time attending and he appeared ……….


5 thoughts on “Happy Time in Seoul

    1. Hey Jadeeyes, good to see you here. Well, I also had the thought that I will never get to see him …..But opportunities just came along after his visit to Singapore in 2010 :). So, I am sure you will get to see him one day 🙂

      1. I don’t know. Unless he comes down to Florida in the US for some shooting or something I don’t think I will. Even then, Im always reading news on him late, I found out about stuff when they have already happen. I call myself a true fan, but truth is I don’t really look for news on him until I actually find them here on your blog 🙂
        Nevertheless, I have a little bit of hope that one day it might happen. Maybe I’ll go to Cali and see him there while shooting for a movie 😉

      2. If its now, as I read on your post then Im out of luck. But we both know this is just he beginning in Hollywood so much more movies will come 🙂 Ill fly out for one of them, hopefully. ^^

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