LBH first to run for the food

Here’s the translation 🙂

LBH: Thank you everyone.
LBH: I am very grateful to see so many people here.
LBH: Thank you for your interest and support.
LBH: I did not bother to make up the role because Gwanghae is a historical figure and we all know that he was a Tyrant.
I have no problem playing the basic characteristics of Gwanghae. But, I have to cook up Ha-Sun’s character.
MC: Have you ever, at anytime have doubt about Lee Byung Hun being a Hallyu star?
RSR: He was always the first one to run for the food and was always the first in the queue.
MC: Are you the type with very exuberant appetite?
RSR: He was very fast, extremely fast
MC: There is a lot of people who will get angry or complain when they are hungry, right?
RSR: I am one of them. That is why I must have my food early, but he is alway earlier than me.
MC: Were you really that hungry, LBH-ssi?
LBH: Just like what he had said, I really cannot take hunger. I am just like him, always waiting for lunch time to come. And whenever the food was ready to be served, I would try my best to be the first one to arrive. The queue was usually very long and it took a long time before I can have my food and hence I would always run towards the food van with my big beard.
RSR: Were you also the first in the queue when you were shooting “G.I. Joe”? Ahead of the rest? I am really very curious to know if Hollywood has the same type of food van?
MC: What about Hollywood?
RSR: That is right, I am really very curious to know.
LBH: There is not much of a difference there, I was always looking forward to meal time. Unfortunately, I was on diet and that is why I was not very happy. Hence, I would sometimes visit the food van to see what kind of cuisine they were serving even though it was not meal time yet.
MC: You cannot eat the food, aren’t you feeling very uncomfortable?
LBH: Of course it was, maybe it was for self-satisfaction.
LBH: The nice fragrance from the food made me think that I have eaten them.


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