Lee Byung Hun Has an IQ of 155

Source: CJ E&M enewsWorld Lee, KyungNam Translation Credit : Erika Kim  
Lee Byung Hun has everything, even a high IQ, but he doesn’t think so highly about himself.
In the August 22 broadcast of SBS’ One Night of TV Entertainment, the leads of the film Masquerade, Lee Byung Hun, Han Hyo Joo, Ryu Seung Ryong and Kim In Kwon interviewed each other about what they wanted to know.
Lee Byung Hun was asked by Kim In Kwon about his IQ, to which he answered, “The two things that I could use to beat out others in high school were arm wrestling and my IQ.” 
He then revealed that his IQ was 155, to the surprise of his audience on set.
Someone else asked whether being too smart made him tired, but Lee Byung Hun answered, “I don’t think IQs and smartness are related to each other. I actually find it hard to get along with others. I keep feeling inferior about it when I meet other people.”
He especially made everyone laugh by revealing, “I hear that I’m like a fool because I’m so clumsy.”
Masquerade is Lee Byung Hun’s first traditional piece. The actor took on two roles for the film: that of the self-righteous King Gwanghae and that of the humane low-class Ha Sun.
Photo credit: SBS
And here’s the “Masquerade” Official Main Trailer w/ English Subtitles
The International website, I supposed  🙂 – http://www.masquerademovie2012.com/

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