News program questioning LBH’s romance sparked controversy

Article taken from Chinese Chosun


朝鮮日報記者 李永民 (2012.09.07 11:45)

KBS一台深夜新聞節目《News Line》5日播出了以“韓國電影的飛躍”為主題對電影演員李炳憲的采訪內容,其宗旨是通過李炳憲了解韓國演員和韓國電影的國際地位。李炳憲曾出演好萊塢電影《特种部隊》第一、第二部,而且即將投入由布魯斯•威利斯主演的電影《赤焰戰場2》的拍攝。但KBS主持人卻問及與主題無關的私生活問題,而且提出的問題好像事先未掌握李炳憲的相關信息,6日在網上等引發爭議。






Well, basically the article said that there was much debate after the news broadcaster from KBS 1 news on 5 Sept night asked ask BH will be flying to U.S. next week? BH replied to say that, not U.S. but Montreal and London. He then asked further if he is not shooting in U.S.? BH then explained that yes, it is a U.S. production but the shooting location will be as said earlier.  So, they said that the news broadcaster did not do his “homework” to understand BH’s schedule before asking.

The news broadcaster then later said to BH “You may not like this, but we have some personal questions for you. We heard that you have a girlfriend?”  BH embarrassed and replied “Is this part of this programme? Why does a news programme has such a question?” (since the programme was about Korean Actors and Movies moving overseas)…. The news broadcaster further probed to ask “what’s her name?” and BH has to answer in short “LMJ”.

Well,I also think that the news broadcashter went too far …. That was not a variety entertainment show that poke their nose into a actor’s personal life ….

So why can’t these people give him a break? He has confirmed they are dating and it was all over the previous week, so why does he has to be asked again?

Come on, just leave the man alone and concentrate on his movie which he has already told everyone. So, don’t speculate again as this will not help speed up the relationship which some hope to see.


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