Lee Byung Hun: The Man Behind The Masquerade

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In an intimate Q&A session with Lee Byung Hun, the actor held his own, and revealed his thoughts about the film and some insights about his choices in his life as an actor.

Lee Byung Hun impressed the Los Angeles independent film elite recently. In a premiere event of his most recent movie, “Masquerade” at the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) the South Korean actor stood before an audience of independent film enthusiasts. The film was featured as this month’s LACMA Film Independent Series, an avenue where members of the respected art institution screen and discuss films of interest.

In an intimate Q&A session with Lee Byung Hun, the actor held his own, and revealed his thoughts about the film and some insights about his choices in his life as an actor.

Because the film carried lots of comic scenes and something the viewers could relate to, Lee Byung Hun chose to star in the film because he thought the plot was smart.

Were there challenges because he had to play two characters he’s never done before? Lee Byung Hun admits that “Yes, it is one of the challenges.” In the movie, he was a king of two different reputations, “one is what some people said is a really bad king, and the other is a king who did a great job.” He found that trying to divide these two characters and portray them on screen was pretty challenging.

Digging deeper into his real self, we find out that Lee Byung Hun didn’t really think about being an actor at first, even when he had watched a film that made him want to be in the industry. So what finally made him change his mind? He chided that it was really his mother’s friend who pushed him to be an actor.

When he started out in acting, he never really thought that it was going to be his real job and rather thought it was just going to be another experience. But as time went by, he realized that it is quite an attractive job and he’s doing well in it so far.

At 21 years old, during filming of his first TV drama, his acting was pretty bad at that time that the director had to tell him to retire when the drama ends. So, with that, his daily thought was that he was retiring after the drama filming.

Lee Byung Hun fondly recalls that the characters he play the best are often characters he determines to enjoy playing, even if they were bad guy roles. He then jokes around that it seems like after those kinds of roles he’s only always known as the bad guy.

What did he think when he first saw the movie “Masquerade”?

The actor admits that the comic scenes worried him the most, because these were the ones that need to be convincing. At the risk of thinking too much when executing the scene, he was worried he may not be able to get a good reaction from the audience. He was thankful that it came out well, “Thank God! It was okay.” he says.

When talking about one comic scene from the movie (slapstick scene), which is the one particular scene he was worried about, he then reveals “That was my idea,” inducing much laughter from the audience.

When asked on the preparations he did for the movie, on whether he dances, or does boxing, Lee Byung Hun says “Not at all,” which left much admiration from the audience and the interviewer. “I just fall into character” he continued.

Lee Byung Hun shows how grounded he is to reality as he offered that he understood that audiences can have different reception, different opinions of the movie “Some people loved it. Some people hated it” he said.

Convincing as the two roles he plays on “Masquerade,” it is Lee Byung Hun’s cool confidence, calm charisma and grounded perspective that makes him the respected actor that he is. There’s enough reason to be glad that he kept going in this craft and did not retire as that first drama experience once made him feel.

“Masquerade” publicly opens in select theaters in the United States beginning September 21, two weeks after its official opening in South Korea. It will be shown in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Toronto, New York, Vancouver and Honolulu. More information can be found in: Masquerade Movie 2012



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