Cinematheque Sponsor Night

Source: bnt news

[by Chloe Yun] On April 24, world star Lee Byung hun attended ‘Cinematheque Sponsor Night,’ sponsored by Burberry Menswear, at Shinsegae department store, Seoul.
Established in 2002, Cinematheque is a nonprofit organization that supports the development of Korean independent films. Luxury fashion brand Burberry and ARENA has sponsored this organization for the last 2 years by filming and exhibiting pictorials with top celebrities. 
Meanwhile, the ARENA pictorials of the celebrities, including Lee Byung hun, who have supported Cinematheque will be put on display for 2 weeks at Shinsegae department store. (photo by Burberry)
p.s. my other cutie hero Hyun Bin will be touching down soon in Singapore Changi Airport .. He is here for his Asian Fan Meet and boss is lucky to be able to see him this Sat at  the FM.   She is kind to give me permission to go off  2 hrs earlier from work to go see his press conf tml but the problem is my schedule in office is fully packed :(.
Anyway, this year is not a year for me to chase around them …. will be missing early July’s fan gathering in Seoul for his birthday party and hopefully i am able to see him in the later part of July when he starts promoting RED2 …… Hope Hope Hope

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