Congrats My Hunnie

The news came too sudden although I expected this to happen …..

Was smelling fish when he did not return home immediate after his G I Joe Retaliation promotion in Japan although JOFC announced that  he has left the country.   Speculations were flying within the Japanese community…. but we just have to give him some privacy.

Was not feeling too good when the news was announced as they were denying that there will be a wedding this year just about one week before the announcement ……

Some friends will be there to see him on his wedding day but not me …  not that I am still sour about the whole thing but there are just too many things to settle in the office …..  Well, I have said that I will not see him this year and it seems like this will be the way that things are going to happen…..

Anyway, 축하 해요 my dearest ….. You will always be my hero 🙂

p.s … he is invading Supermarkets in Singapore 🙂


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