Lan Ling Wang

Have been keeping myself occupied by watching other dramas… Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, you name it, I watch it. But of course, I will only watch those which I like.

Have finished watching a Taiwanese/China drama – 兰陵王 because I had initially wanted to catch George Hu who is the 3rd lead in the drama.

To my surprise, it was not a bad choice … quite a good storyline with good looking men and pretty ladies.  And I have a little like for the male lead – 冯绍峰.  A very gentle and polite chinese actor.  He was in Taipei last week to promote the drama and he created a storm there :D.  Watch the clips below and you will know why….

One thing I really admire is he actually stood still for quite a while to sign the autographs for his fans … this is something we have not seen BH doing for quite a while … pretty sad actually.



Combination of arrival, leaving the tv station after recording and returning to the hotel





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