One sweetie that can make me smiles nowadays 🙂


Fan service

Have not been posting for a while.  Old man is probably still in NOLA shooting Terminator 5.

Anyway, just posting a video on my sweet baby, HB.  Lucky girls and what I can say is he is such a sweetie 🙂

Start watching at 39mins



Shin Hyun Joon’s wedding

As expected, he is at his buddy, Shin Hyun Joon’s wedding today… Looks a bit tired with those puffy eyes 😀

edited: Friend just told me that it seems like he was just there to congratulate the couple and did not stay for the reception….

Looks like he is catching the last flight from Gimpo to Hanaeda ^-^.


My other sweetie boy, Hyun Bin was also there  ….  🙂

Vega Iron

Here’s the 30 min cf for Vega Iron ……

Not sure what is he doing now, maybe busy preparing for RED2 promo and it seems like the screening has been pushed forward to early July …. Haiz, that mean I may miss the chance to see him in Seoul again … faintz……


I talked about not going to Binnie’s press con last week and I really regret a bit coz according to the reports, the crowd was not that huge ….

Anyway, boss had a good time at the fan meet and shared that he was such a sweetie when off stage ….. I wish i was there too 😦

Well, his comeback project will be a period movie ….. hmmm why are there so much similarity in these 2 men that i love …. 😀

Top 5 Sexiest Korean Celebs

source: Herworld Singapore

July 19, 2011

The Korean wave has hit us hard. With so many dramas and pop groups around, it took us more than our usual amount of voting and discussion sessions to whittle down to these select few. But we have, and these five are close to perfection – regardless of whether they’ve undergone plastic surgery or not.

1. T.O.P.


Lee Byung-Hun
Remember his perfect eight pack bod in his G.I. Joe fight scene? We do! Even though he’s made it to Hollywood, this hottie is still extremely down to earth. The award-winning actor represents UNICEF and is well known for his sense of humour and easy-going nature. We hear he’s now in preparation and filming for G.I. Joe 2, so keep your eyes peeled.


3. Lee Min-Ho

4. Taeyang



Hyun Bin
This lover boy started the “sit-up kiss” craze from his 2010 drama Secret Garden. He recently split up from his actress girlfriend Song Hye Kyo and is currently serving his military service in the Marine Corps. We love nothing more than an attractive man in a uniform. Plus, he looks reliable and safe to be around. We would love to bring this man home to meet our mothers.