Oh My Ghost

When was the last time I watched a Korean Drama?  Looking back at my post, it seems like it was 1 year ago.  Too bored over the Jubilee Holidays (had to stay home as I’m have a bad ache on my left hip)…. sigh.

Just catched 5 ep of “Oh My Ghost” and it’s so funny …… I like Jo Jung Suk 🙂


New Face

Well, a friend is pretty upset these 2 days and she said she will stay away from the internet for a while 😦 . Hope she will get over it soon …

For me, although I don’t feel good, but I am taking it easily ….. My Hyun Bin sweetie is quite out  radar as he is currently shooting a new movie and I have been keeping myself occupied with watching Hong Kong, Taiwanese and Korean dramas.

Am currently watching “Lee Soon Shin is the best” which turn out to be not a bad choice.  I like Jo Jung Suk after watching “King 2 Hearts”, he is also quite a good singer. 😀