I am in love with this great voice …. As a Korean, he has been working very very hard to be able to sing in Mandarin so that fans in China are “closer”.  But young man, I tell you, even if you only sing in Korean, no one can resist your voice.

He is really a talented young man, who has quietly working hard for 9 years hoping that one day, his talent and hard work and be recognised by people around him …… and he did it.  Keep up the good work, stay humble and take care 🙂


DOTS OST – How Can I Love You

Have just finished watching DOTS and am happy with the ending, at least don’t have to flip the table XD.  Anyway, have been waiting for the full version of this OST and it’s OUT! Posting the version with clips from DOTS, there is a “clean” version without any lines from the drama.



Just happened to watch”我是歌手4″ because I wanted to see how Hacken Lee and got attracted to this powerful charming voice of Hwang Chi Yeol 黄致列 황치열.

′Lee Byung Hun has been a huge help,′ says MAMA producer

2011-11-18 16:54  l  CJ E&M enewsWorld Oh, MiJung

The stars turning out for the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) on November 29 are sure to light up Singapore this year.

The 20 guests confirmed for the award show this year include actors Lee Byung Hun, Song Seung Hun, Song Joong Gi, Park Shi Hoo, Ji Sung, Go Soo, Kim Soo Hyun, Bae Soo Bin, Kim Sung Soo and Oh Ji Ho.

Actresses Kim Hee Sun, Han Chae Young, Yun Eun Hye, Han Hyo Joo, Kim Min Hee, Kang So Ra, Nam Gyuri and Park Si Yeon are among the leading ladies who will also make an appearance. The show has managed to gather some of Korea’s top stars in one place, which is no small feat, to bask in the delight of the hallyu fans.

Enews met with one of the event’s producers on November 18 who said, “Lee Byung Hun, in particular, has been a huge help. You can expect something special.”

Song Joong Gi and Yun Eun Hye have also garnered a lot of interest. Song is a rising hallyu star in Asia, who made a video appearance at the MAMA last year. He was a music program MC for KBS2’s Music Bank at the time, but he returns this year as a hallyu star with a successful drama and film under his belt.

Yun is popular in Greater China; however, it’s become increasingly difficult to see her on TV lately, and fans are anxiously awaiting her appearance

The show’s producer said, “In addition to these actors, unexpected stars will make a surprise appearance for a congratulatory stage. The foreign artists, not just the Korean artists, are also worthy of your attention. Expect great things.”

The 2011 MAMA will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on November 29, and artists from all over Asia and the world are expected to attend.

The six-hour event will be broadcast live in 13 countries, including Korea, Singapore, Japan and Thailand, while seven countries, like China, the U.S. and France will be able to catch the recorded version quickly thereafter, reaching a total of 1.9 billion viewers.

The King

First they announce that he will take the role of the King in the historic movie “King of Chosun” yesterday and today they said he is coming to Singapore for the MNet (MAMA) presentation ……… boy or boy

I was telling a friend that she will not get to see him in Seoul this week as he is still in NOLA but am hoping the he will en route to SIN when he returns home end of the month …… and my wish come true …

but we are all busy ……how to catch him and with all the top K-Star like SSH, YEH coming along with the K-pop stars it is going to be extremely crowded ……………sigh .. let’s see how


Really missed my Hunnie although he is only gone for less than a month …..

No news of him so far … we get to see twitter messages from the director and Ray Park abt training before shoot starts but nothing from his side …. sigh …

If shooting is gg to start as scheduled on 15 Aug, he has another week before the ball start rolling …… hopefully, we get to see some bts stills 😀

Anyway, was browsing through YT to see if there is any update on the “Share the Vision” thingy and found the clip by Jung Dongha of BooHwal …. nice voice 🙂

Another one by him – Live