Itoshi no Elly

Just wanted to share a beautiful song, sang by Ken Hirai and the original singer,桑田さん of Southern All Star.  Love the crystal clear voice of Ken and of course,  桑田さん is very good too 🙂


Itsuka Hanareru Hi ga Kite mo

A very beautiful new song written by Ken (music and lyrics) for Yutaka Takenouchi’s (one of my fav j actors) new movie – Ano Sora wa Oboeteru (あの空をおぼえてる).  A movie based on the Janet Lee Carey novel “Wenny Has Wings”, directed by Shin Togashi.


The story is about a photo studio owner (Yukata) and piano teacher (Miki Mizuno) who have a happy marriage with two young children, a girl in 4th grade and a boy in kindergarten. One day a tragic accident killed their daughter. The son survived but was left with severe survivor guilt and struggles to cope with the trauma of losing his sister. The family now has to cope with the loss and figure out how they can ever live their lives normally again.

offical website:

Ken Hirai – Syasin

Found this new video on youtube…. this man is so talented, this new song is composed and lyrics by him…. Such a beautiful song and of course we must thank him for his beautiful voice too…

This is the LIVE version of his new song – Canvas, also composed and lyrics written by him.

p.s. video ends at 4.30min 😛