Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday ….




Goodbye 2015

Year 2015 has been a very busy year for me ….. Year 2016 will not be better


Health is not in very good shape and hope to be healthier …. to lose some weight is in my action plan.

Will be breathing the same air with him in 2 months time but will not see him 😦 Heard from friend that all fans attending the fan meet will get to shake hands with him …. good marketing skills and now tickets are not restricted to just JOFC members, reason …. very obvious.



To go or not to go again

Ok, he is having his tour again next year.  Timing not very good for me but if I really really wants to see him, I should be able to squeeze some time out.

29 Feb at 12 noon – Sendai Sun Plaza
1 Mar at 3 pm – Osaka Festival Hall
2 Mar at 12 noon Osaka Festival Hall
3 Mar at 3pm – Tokyo International Forum Hall
4 Mar 12 noon – Tokyo International Forum Hall