Nice Nice




some thing i did for “home”


7 thoughts on “Nice Nice

  1. Hello Ylin,
    I’m from Liège in Belgium.In here, it’s very difficult to find things about Lee, movies too! it’s very hard… so I hope you will continue your “little home” for long time!

  2. Angeline

    Hi ylin,

    What a wonderful site on LBH! Just love u have any idea how i could catch a glimpse of LBH as i missed catching him at the singapore airport? thanks so much. You could PM me. 🙂

    1. Angeline

      Hi ylin,

      Thanks for your reply. Looking forward to enjoy any videos/pics u have taken of him at the airport though. 🙂 Would appreciate it if u could PM me so we could liaise on any events about him in singapore or even go meet him together? thanks..

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